At the start of the MBSFIT 12 Week Challenge I did not expect to do as well as I have let alone win this award. The goal was to gain strength, but more importantly lose body fat and get fit. I was really surprised by what I had achieved by the half way mark. That was a great motivation.

My personal trainer at MBS Gym (Ben Keam) was always positive that we would get great results as long as we consistently trained and put in the effort (can’t really use too tired as an excuse to miss the morning sessions!) Ben was able to give me some sound advice via text one day (from monitoring my food diary early in the 12 Week Challenge) – “cut down on your alcohol consumption to max 2 glasses a week (not a day) as its calories your body does not need”. I had also cut back on carbs.

What a difference a change in diet makes along with training! I would also like to thank Gilson [fellow MBSFIT Member] – we have been training together for more than 6 months at 6am Monday to Thursday (and the odd Saturday). Gilson has been like the pace car way out in front that you can only try your best to keep up with and a great person to train with and know.

Cheers to all the teams and trainers at MBS. Looking forward to the next 12 Week Challenge!

Joseph Cannatelli, MBSFIT 12 Week Challenger