We have now incorporated 3 different training styles to get you through each 6-week period of training. Each style will go for a 2-week cycle and you will also have a strength and fitness test within the 6-week training period.

NOTE: A calendar has been provided below and will be updated regularly for you to refer to.

See each style and the benefits below:


Strength Cycle

  • Increasing muscle capacity
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Test your peak strength and ability


  • Increasing muscle stimulus for growth
  • Increase muscle size and definition

 Time Base

  • Building lactic acid tolerance
  • Increase muscle for fat burning
  • Time under muscle tension
  • Increasing technique and control

*Your strength and fitness test will be undertaken on the Strength Cycle.


The MBSFIT BOOTCAMP is held on every Saturday morning at 8.30am. There will be some Saturday’s that will be assigned for body assessments or a specified outdoor activity in substitution, but we will notify you accordingly of these events so you will never be left out the loop!

Keep motivated and we love your enthusiasm in adopting the MBSFIT LIFESTYLE!!!