Hi MBSFIT members,

We are now entering the Strength and Fitness Test Week for the MBSFIT 12 Week Challenge!

As mentioned, you will undertake strength and fitness tests to record your base measurements and after this week, you will be monitored again at the 6 and 12 week marks in order to see your strength and fitness progressions.

Within each of your four sessions this week, your strength will be tested on all major muscle groups through a 5 rep max weight set. Your coach will initiate this test and log each of your results. For the fitness part of the test, this will be recorded by your coach within your Fit Frenzy session by timing you all.

Remember our 12 week challengers, there is a PRIZE  for the biggest improvement with the chance to win the Bigger, Faster, Stronger award which is a Proper Protein hamper!

… So keep that in mind this week when doing your strength and fitness tests as an extra incentive.

Good luck this week and remember if you have any questions regarding the test week, don’t hesitate to ask your coach.

See you at your next training session!